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Creative Video Marketing Content For Your Brand 

Video has become one of the most important tools in Digital Marketing. Videos are effective because they can quickly tell your story while allowing the viewer to connect with your brand in meaningful ways. Even more than that, videos become effective in lead generation and increase brand awareness that provides growth in both the short and long term.

Our agency has put a large focus on video, video marketing, video content creation, and video optimization with our clients. From Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization, the impact of video is far-reaching. Videos outperform still images every time, regardless of platform or medium.


What Impact Can Video Have On Your Website?


Video adds so much personality to your website and adds a look of professionalism that is unmatched. From testimonial videos from clients and customers, to background video content behind text, incorporating video into your existing website offers big impact. It also increases visitor time on your website, which decreases bounce rates and increases likelihood of potential leads. According to a study done by HubSpot, a whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days and 90% of customers surveyed also said that videos help them make buying decisions.

Eighty-four percent of consumers said watching a brand’s video is the reason they were convinced to make a purchase or subscribe to a service.


Eighty-two percent of consumers would rather watch a video than read social media posts. And according to Instagram, there’s over 500 million people using Stories every day.

Our Video Marketing Work


Video Marketing requires videos in different formats, sizes, lengths, and so much more depending on their use. The ones below are for reference only to showcase our capabilities.

Our Video Marketing Capabilities

Our agency features an in-house Video Marketing and Creative Content Team allowing us to focus on our clients’ video needs in several ways. From creative strategy and treatments to filming, editing, animation, and everything in between.

Our in-house video team works on-location or in our office studio to capture everything your brand needs for social posts & stories, website explainers, Youtube Channel uploads, and commercials for streaming services and terrestrial TV. Click below to schedule an appointment to talk about a custom video strategy for your brand today.

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