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At MNGR, our talented social media marketing team gets to know your business inside and out, from your message to your tone and style. The content we produce for your social media platforms represents your company correctly and is true to your branding. We want every aspect of representation for your company to be unified with the same message that you stand for. Whether its social media, blog posts, or website content, we’ll make sure to present your business the same on all platforms.


Why MNGR For Social Media Marketing?


We’re part of the Facebook Developer platform, having created apps and integrations using their API. We’ve also been studying and utilizing other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ since they’ve been public. We understand the dynamics of the platforms themselves and put that knowledge to good use by leveraging keywords, tags, links, and sponsored content. Our focus is to build and manage social media pages that create and foster communities and relationships with your customers and followers. Doing so establishes a brand reputation, and makes your company more memorable to potential new customers.

Aspects Of Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy

Content creation is a huge part of having an online presence, especially when it relates to search engine optimization and including keywords in your blog or social posts. Creating effective content drives engagement on your social media pages, creates actionable conversations, and increases the number of potential customers exposed to your brand or products.

Brand Personality

Maintaining brand image by curating and designing imagery that portrays your message and aligns with the brand’s personality is important. Imagery can be interpreted in a variety of ways and it takes a skilled branding and social expert to create an effective strategy that fits your particular needs.

Action Strategy

An action strategy is the secret to any successful social media presence that is often overlooked by businesses. Having a purpose with every single social post to create an action can become a lead generation, search engine optimization, and website traffic tool.


91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels


79% of all online US adults use Facebook

Using social media to increase brand awareness, for advertising goods or services, or communicating with customers can have a huge positive impact on your business.

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The Importance Of Social Media


In today’s society, social media is entwined in almost every industry, and is used by a vast majority of the general population. Interactions and experiences are so dependent on what happens on these platforms, that it’s even said to not have happened unless its “Facebook official.” In a society that is so saturated with social media, it’s becoming even more important for businesses to be have an online presence in order to be successful. However, social media platforms are constantly changing, and the technology field is quickly growing. Fads come and go, making it hard to keep up with, especially for businesses who have numerous other things on their plates to take care of.

If you use social networking correctly, it can help you in a variety of ways, including lead generation and increasing brand awareness. However, maintaining your own social media platforms, creating and posting relevant content on all of them and following up on maintenance and public relations can eat up a tremendous amount of time and energy if you do it manually. Keep in mind, this has to be done for every social media platform that you are active on, including a blog if you have one.

Because of the time commitment it takes to effectively manage your social media presence, many companies hire a third-party business to handle this for them. This company creates a social media marketing plan and executes all of the posting upon these platforms in order to boost your business’ brand awareness and success online. Your social media manager can also tailor your media engagement to align with your other marketing plans, so there is uniformity across the board, and your entire company is working towards the same goal.

More Than Posting


Currently, one-third of all Americans say that social media is where they learn about new products and services, even discovering new brands they had not been exposed to elsewhere. This number is even high for Millennials, as social media is second only to television as a way to learn about new products or brands. Customers have to know that businesses exist and understand what they provide before they can take advantage of those goods and services. Brand awareness and brand loyalty do not happen magically. Social media managers work hard to develop and run social media content campaigns to accomplish these tasks.

MNGR has a team of dedicated Social Media Marketing specialists in Las Vegas, ensuring that their clients get the best results. MNGR’s team also consists of copywriters, website designers, and search engine experts. Let us consult you in the direction that will bring you the most efficient leads and help grow your business efficiently.

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