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High Quality Product Photos

Professional product photography, in its most simple definition, is having a trained, knowledgeable professional photographer take pictures of the products you offer. A professional photographer has the necessary equipment, such as a high-quality camera, a tripod, white screens, essential lighting, white boxes, and anything else that might be beneficial for taking superior product photos.

By hiring a professional, you eliminate the need to purchase any of this equipment, and it saves you the time of setting up, photographing, and tearing down. In addition, most professionals will handle all of the “post-production” tasks, such as re-touching, editing, enhancements, and more. A photographer will ensure that the images have correct usage of lighting and an uncluttered background, as well as paying attention to the angle, focus, and other technicalities that will make these pictures stand out. These images should be simple enough to clearly understand what the center of attention is, but interesting enough to not be boring and quickly skipped past.

Product photography should focus on everything that makes that particular item great, and should highlight all of the benefits for the consumer, as well as point out unique aspects that make it stand out amongst competitors. It should also showcase more than one angle, color, or model of your product. You may know every side of your item, but your customers will need to see all of these ins and outs before purchasing. Another option with product photography is to show what you are selling in context. Exemplify how it is used, giving your customers a better idea of what they are getting for their money, and how it will benefit them.

Why is it important?

Images are usually the first things we notice in literature. Often, we will not even read an article if we are not immediately drawn in by the images. Our brains remember roughly 80% of what we see, and only about 20% of what we read. Just like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure those words are saying what you want them to with professional, high-quality product photography.

Whether you provide services or products, imagery is one of the best ways to showcase your business. If you are portraying yourself with low-quality images, you are essentially representing the quality of your work to low as well. Putting your best face forward with professional product photography will instill a feeling of confidence in your clients and customers that what they are purchasing will be highly satisfactory worth their investment.

Portraying your products accurately increases sales, because your customers can easily tell if this is the item they have been looking for, and they can view it in multiple settings with various angles to ensure they are getting what they want. This also reduces returns, because customers are receiving what they are expecting, since they had the opportunity to fully explore the item via photography before purchasing. Sometimes the quality of the images for a product is the deciding factor in a purchase. If a potential customer is debating between you and a competitor, having higher-quality images of your product will certainly give you an advantage.

A lesser-known, or at least lesser-thought-of benefit of having professional product photos is the increase in shares that it leads to. If you have high-quality images, customers are more likely to share these on their personal social media channels, leading to more exposure, more consumers, and more success.

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