The Why

We were approached by Tri-X Pest Management at the inception of this company to create branding & identity, establish online presence, and foster growth through marketing. Their goal with their branding was to establish an identity that was memorable, trusting, and representative of their quality pest control services. Once initial branding was completed, the next phase was to develop an amazing website, photo & video content, online business listings, and start generating potential customers.

The Brand

We utilized a clean, sans serif font to indicate that the company uses state-of-the art pest elimination methods. The font leans slightly, representing forward-thinking and the ability to constantly evolve with the ever-changing solutions in the pest management industry. We chose blue as the main brand color, as blue is indicative of trustworthiness and reliability, both characteristics found desirable for service industries such as pest control. You may not have noticed, but if you look close, you can see that the logo resembles a pickup truck…a vehicle recognizably used by many pest service companies.


Custom images curated for use on website, social, and all other marketing items. High quality imagery is a must for representing a brand in a professional manner. We produce photo shoots with our amazing photography team.

Web Design


A built-for-mobile responsive modern website was just the key to get this new company’s online presence off to a great start. It incorporates the branding, includes all the call-to-actions needed to convert new customers, and has a great user experience. See it live at

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Digital Marketing


Through a custom strategy developed by our team at MNGR, we’ve been able to increase organic traffic and leads by over 1000%.  We’ve done this through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google & Facebook Advertising, and Email Marketing.

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