The Why


The Coop Cowork hired MNGR to enhance their online presence, drive traffic, and keep consistent branding across all channels. The Las Vegas based coworking space wanted to establish a professional and inviting vibe while representing their core values of coworking, community, and collaboration.

While there are many up-and-coming coworking spaces in the area, The Coop Cowork wanted to set themselves apart by being welcoming of businesspeople of all kinds, and creating a space where every member feels valued and accepted, and free to work towards success alongside every other coworking member. We established this by focusing the branding on the community that coworking creates, the unique networking opportunities, and the benefits that coworking has to offer everyone who joins.

sam peters 4 congress website design by MNGR

Web Design

To accomplish The Coop’s goals of building an inclusive coworking community, we established a branded website that is responsive across all platforms, easily accessible, and user friendly. We put the company philosophy front and center, along with the options to Schedule a Tour or Join The Coop. See it live at

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Digital Marketing


Through a custom strategy developed by our team at MNGR, we’ve been able to enhance The Coop’s online presence dramatically. We have achieved and maintained a first-page search result ranking for numerous applicable search terms, including coworking Las Vegas. 





Social Media


We carefully curate custom content for The Coop’s social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These posts provide information about The Coop, encourage audience engagement, and create conversions. 

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