The Why


We were approached by Sam Peters prior to his announcement to run for the 4th Congressional District of Nevada to create branding & identity, establish online presence, and foster growth through marketing. His goal with his branding was to establish an identity that was memorable, trusting, and representative of his American political values. Once initial branding and design was completed, the next phase was to develop an amazing website and e-commerce shop, setup social media pages, and assist in managing all of these platforms for his campaign.


The Brand


Sam Peters inspired us to create something that represented him as a candidate. This logo design is genuine and straight- forward. The serif font is traditional and conservative, where- as the use of sans serif is embracing of a modern future. The color blue evokes a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, and red represents passion. Including a depiction of the Capitol building paints a clear picture of the end goal, to serve the people of the United States as a member of Congress. In addition, the state of Nevada is visible, and within it, four stars to represent District 4. Overall, the logo speaks to an air of patriotism, pride, and dignity, all characteristics possessed by the candidate for which it was designed.

Sam Peters 4 Congress Banner Design
Sam Peters 4 Congress T-Shirt
Sam Peters 4 Congress Polo Shirt

Print & Apparel Design

Custom designs curated by MNGR for use online and print. To date, we’ve designed nearly every asset you see on his website, social pages, print assets, and apparel. Our goal is to keep the branding consistent, clean, and appealing to his target demographic.

sam peters 4 congress website design by MNGR

Web Design


A built-for-mobile responsive modern website was just the key to get Sam’s online presence off to a great start. It incorporates the branding, call-to-actions, e-commerce functionality, and has a great user experience. See it live at

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Digital Marketing

Through a custom strategy developed by our team at MNGR, we’ve been able to establish a solid online presence for Sam Peters. He is ranking on search engines for all of the terms needed and seeing large amounts of traffic to his website. We’ve done this through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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