The Why


Cultivate Academics hired us to help them enhance their brand and digital marketing. As a client who operates in the academic consulting space, it is important to create an online presence that speaks to their experience as college admission consultants with a successful track record while showing students that being creative and motivated can help you grow through college admissions process. To help Cultivate Academics, we created a multi-channel strategy that includes using web design, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to increase brand visibility, web traffic, and engagement on all platforms. 

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Web Design

This website is built-for-mobile, responsive, and features a clean modern look. It features an interactive map highlighting successful college admissions across the United States that establishes the client’s expertise by demonstrating prior and current success in their field. The website also features smart contact forms for lead generation, online payment and registration forms for a more convenient user experience, and over 90 pages of copy created by the MNGR team. See it live at


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yahoo marketing
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instagram marketing

Digital Marketing


Through a custom strategy developed by our team at MNGR, we’ve been able to enhance Cultivate Academics’ online presence dramatically. In just 6 months, Cultivate Academics’ website traffic has increased over 166% while increasing in rank for search terms organically as well. Cultivate Academics’ custom digital marketing strategy also includes leveraging over 40 business directories to increase their presence in local searches. 




Social Media


We carefully curate custom content for the Cultivate Academics social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. These posts provide information about upcoming events and news about Cultivate Academics, encourage audience engagement, and create conversions.

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