The Why

We were approached by Battle for Vegas prior to the inaugural annual event in 2019 to create a website design, establish an online presence, and grow awareness for the event. The goal for their website design was to draw attention to the star-studded lineup for the event, raise awareness for the cause of supporting local charities, and build a loyal and engaged audience with the intention of converting them into an attendance.  

The Solution

When we went about creating this website, kept the goals in mind and made creative choices to reach them. To accomplish the goal of drawing attention to the array of celebrities on the teams of Battle for Vegas, we put them front and center, clearly visible on the homepage of the website. Within the first paragraph on the page, immediately legible on any device, the support of local charities is apparent. We also designed the website with the event information easily accessed, so that anyone who visits the homepage can start making plans to attend right away. 

Web Design

 A built-for-mobile responsive modern website was just the key to get this new company’s online presence off to a great start. It incorporates the branding, includes all the key aspects to accomplish the desired goals, and has a great user experience. See it live at

Battle for Vegas Youtube Mockup

Youtube Optimization

An integral aspect of showing just how impactful an event Battle for Vegas is, is to include videos of it all unfolding. We established a Youtube channel to house all of the footage of this event, and we optimized it all to boost potential views! See it live here!

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