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At MNGR, our talented copywriting team gets to know your business inside and out, from your message to your tone and style. The content we create will always represent your company correctly and remain true to your branding. We want every aspect of representation for your company to be unified with the same message that you stand for. Whether we are writing copy for a website page or a blog post, we’ll make sure to present your business the same on all platforms.

Why is Consistent Content Important?

Boosted SEO

Copywriting and continually adding new content to a website or blog is a huge part of having a digital presence, especially when it relates to search engine optimization and including keywords in your blog or web page content. Creating effective content boosts your visibility in search results, raises your rankings in popular search engines such as Google and Bing, and increases the number of potential customers exposed to your brand or products.


Regularly adding fresh written content to your business’ blog and website ensures that you stay relevant in a constantly-changing digital world. By staying on top of your copywriting game, you increase the level of trust and relatability your potential and current clients have with you. Trust leads to brand loyalty from customers, so remaining relevant is crucial to company success.


Companies who invest in copywriting marketing see a 500% increase in conversion rates


34% of consumers make unplanned purchases from companies who produce personalized content

By regularly adding relevant and engaging content, your business can see a tremendous increase in conversions and sales.

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What Does Quality Content Accomplish?

Establishes Voice & Presence

Creating content consistently develops your company’s digital presence, and also establishes a voice for your business. Through published content, you can share your brand message with potential customers, and stay relevant to your audience.

Keeps Customers Informed & Updated

Sharing updates with your clients keeps them well-informed and involved. Clients that are kept up-to-date consistently tend to feel prioritized, which increases brand trust, leading to a higher rate of customer retention. Regularly updating your audience can also help gather feedback regarding potential new products or services. In an environment where customers feel like their presence and opinion is valued, they are more likely to let their opinions be heard.

Encourages Engagement

Thought-provoking and inspiring content encourages customers to not only read it, but to respond. These responses can create relationships between brands and individuals, leading to extremely valuable and engaging interactions, and can even increase the number of sales or conversions your company sees.

Sets You Apart

Regardless of what kind of company you have, the market is most likely oversaturated at this point with generic redundant businesses in the same category as yours. Establishing a voice, maintaining consistency, and engaging with your audience are all ways that copywriting sets your brand apart and gets you steps ahead of your competition.

Where Does MNGR Come In?


So you decide that all this content writing and the benefits that come with sounds great. You dive headfirst into copywriting and creating web pages and blog posts, but you discover pretty quickly that producing quality content consistently is way more time-consuming than you originally thought. Even if you do have the free time for it, coming up with new topics and relating them to your audience can be a headache.

Lucky for you, we have a team of copywriters and content creators who are passionate about generating web pages and blog posts that encourage engagement and increase conversions. We get to know everything about your business, so that the content we create remains true and consistent with your brand message. Since we are well-equipped to handle the full spectrum of your digital marketing, we also know how to optimize the copy we write as well as what keywords to use in order to boost your visibility in search results. Get the most out of the content on your site, invest in copywriting services from MNGR.

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