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Hey Google, How Will “Smart” Speakers Change The Way That Digital Advertising Uses SEO?

there are about 130 million smart speakers in use in the United States and this number is growing daily. This is signaling a transition from the use of short key-words and phrases being typed into search bars, to the use of long-tailed requests like “Hey Google, where can I find a digital marketing company to boost my online presence near Las Vegas?”

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Social Media Marketing – Staying Relevant to Your Business’s Audience

Recognizing that everything and everyone is a brand and it is important to stay true to your brand and message. Having an online presence and how that presence is perceived is critical to the success of your brand. Take Facebook for example. The most recent statistics show that there are over 2.32 Billion active monthly users on Facebook.com as of the last quarter of 2018. This means that on a single site, there are 2.32 billion potential customers, clients or business partners.

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Digital Advertising and Facebook – A Tale of Targeting

In order for your business to stay relevant on social media amidst these changes, it’s essential to employ a marketing team that is up to date with the current standards for Facebook and understands how to work the targeting options that remain to get the best results for your success. At mngr, this is exactly what we do. We put in time to get to know your company and strategize the best methods of promoting your business in an ever-changing market.

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